Driver Genius Professional Final ( keygen + Patch and Serial )

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Driver Genius Professional - allows you to automatically find the drivers for all devices, using data embedded in the devices. Just using Driver Genius can be controlled drivers (backups of installed drivers, restore damaged version, update and delete unnecessary). One of the features of the program is that it can help to create a single EXE-installer, which will include all the drivers installed, which will help in case of need to quickly reinstall the operating system.
Supports work with more than 30 thousand different motherboards, video cards, sound and network cards, modems, monitors, keyboards, mice, cameras, etc. The base program is constantly updated. When you run the program collects information about installed drivers in the system and displays the results of the scan.

Program Driver Genius fairly functional - allows you to backup (backup) drivers installed on your system, create auto-installer, which in a single click you can restore all the drivers, downloading drivers from the Internet to diagnose system hardware conflicts and driver. The program is very useful when you reinstall your system - the driver for all devices can be installed from the backup created by the touch of a button.

• Backs up the driver: Driver Genius quickly discovers and reserves the drivers installed on your system. May compress the backups in a ZIP-file self-extracting archive file, or set up an independent auto-installer.
• Restoration of Driver: You do not need to install drivers one by one after reinstalling the operating system. Requires only one click to all the drivers will install automatically.
• Update drivers: All you need to do - one click and Driver Genius detect all the drivers, check them for consistency and errors, using its huge database, download and install the new version.
• Uninstall device drivers: If you change your computer configuration or modification to your system could remain undeleted drivers. Driver Genius quickly finds and removes them.
• LiveUpdate: Developers update a large number of drivers on their web-site. You can synchronize their database with their download server to get the latest version of drivers using Liveupdate.

Changes to
- Download Manager driver became faster and more reliable to boot
- Automatic detection of the fastest / free servers to download updates
- Improved the wizard to install drivers for easier driver installation
- The button see the details for more information about the drivers that need updating
- An updated database of drivers for the latest device models
- Improved user interface for managing system drivers
- Faster backup the installed drivers
- Faster updates installed drivers
- Identify unknown devices, search and update the drivers, auto update drivers via the Internet (only version Professional).
- User-friendly wizard backup / restore
- Support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 (including 64-bit versions)

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